Ice Breakers and Warmups -


These games and exercises are meant to get everybody in a cheery mood, establish trust between the players, and sharpen concentration. Apart from that, most have no performance value, and are rarely used to teach any particular skill. These games and exercises can be used for improv training, these games would just as well work to entertain the kids on a rainy day at the girl scouts.

Brain Breaks

Our students should have a brain break every 20-25 minutes. Brain breaks are refreshing to students and teachers alike. Each blog entry has a new idea on a brain break.

Cooperative Games

Cooperative Games are games in which people work together in order to accomplish a set task or reach a goal. While some Cooperative Games utilize direct competition, the focus is on succeeding as a group and having fun while doing so. Cooperative games depend on the skills of everyone playing, not simply the fastest runner or best catcher.

Break The Ice

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