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Resource Room for NZ Teachers

Resource Room is an educational bookstore supplying schools, teachers, students and parents throughout New Zealand with quality resources - to make learning fun and teaching easier.
Please feel free to browse our website by looking through the Catalogue Titles on the left hand side. These are conveniently labelled by school subject.

A Blog Focused on Educating Boys

Cybrary Man's Educational Web Sites

The internet catalogue for students, teachers, administrators & parents.
Over 20,000 relevant links personally selected by an educator/author with over 30 years of experience.

Primary Games Arena

Up to Key Stage 6. Fun games for kids - The largest collection of curriculum games in the universe

SOS Classroom

SOS Classroom offers a directory of free online educational resources for K-8 Language Arts and Math. These sites are submitted by parents and teachers, and they are all reviewed and organized by members of the SOS Classroom team!

Grade 6 Links

All curriculum areas - lots of useful links

Awesome Library

Awesome Library organizes
the Web with 37,000 carefully
reviewed resources, including
the top 5 percent in education.

Teachers Helper Wiki

and http://kmott.wikispaces.com/
Lots of great links at both sites

Sparkle Box

Sparkle Box is a great resource for elementary and middle school teachers. On Sparkle Box teachers can download teaching materials for mathematics, reading, basic science lessons, geography basics, and lots of free posters for their classrooms. Teachers will also find on Sparkle Box certificate/ award templates, attendance registers, and many other forms commonly used in elementary schools. The Sparkle Box sharing zone provides a place for teachers to post resources they've created and access resources created by other teachers. You can browse for resources directly on Sparkle Box or install the Sparkle Box toolbar to access the resources.

Susie's Links

Great sites for Busy teachers - from Susie Vesper

Facilitation Strategies

Also from Susie Vesper

Almanac of Things for Learning

is a terrific collection of 40 (as of this writing) outstanding cross-curricular lessons that are ideal for middle school and later grades.

The File Cabinet

Teacher tools + Web 2.0 tools. Organised by subject and grade level

Kodak Lesson Plans

The APTE Curious Minds Click

website lets students and teachers create e-puzzles that can be sent and played online. You can create your own online Crosswords, Word Scrambles, Anagrams, and Secret Codes. These puzzles can then be played online and sent as an email.

The Learning Federation - Teachers

At The Le@rning Federation we make and license digital curriculum content to support teaching and learning. These materials are available free of charge to all Australian and New Zealand schools.
The materials are in two formats.

Learning objects
Interactive resource
Interactive resource

Interactive multimedia resources.

Digital resources
Moving image
Moving image

Items sourced from cultural and scientific institutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Essex Grid for Learning

All curriculum areas listed. Range of resources avaialble (Maths links were useful!)

djbecker's page

Heaps of links for teachers and students

Access Middle School Resources

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Eduscapes - a site for life long learners

Ministry of Education - Ontario

Evergreen Curriculum Subjects - Saskatchewan

San Diego County Office of Education

Shambles in SE Asia

Thinkfinity for Educators

OER Commons

Find Free-to-Use Teaching and Learning Content from around the World.Organize K-12 Lessons, College Courses, and more for your Classroom
SEARCH and BROWSE 1000's of individual resources gathered from trusted COLLECTIONS across Subject area and Grade level.
Teachers @ Work

Primary School Resources - Enterprise for Education (NZ)

These resources have been developed through the Building Enterprising Students Today (BEST) project to support the application of Education for Enterprise in classrooms.
The units are starting points for teachers in the classroom. Teachers are encouraged to save the unit files and adapt them to meet the needs of their students, school, and community.
The resources consist of fully developed units of work and 'Tasters and Starters' – a series of short activities and challenges that have been written to support teachers and students to observe or experience enterprising attributes.
These ideas link directly with the New Zealand Curriculum, through supporting development of the key competencies in the form of enterprising attributes.

Literacy with ICT - IMYM Tutorials Wiki

A Canadian wiki - lots of valuable links here.


The Journal of Technology-Rich Learning from Eduscapes

Free Curriculum Resources for K - 12

The TeachEngineering digital library provides teacher-tested, standards-based engineering content for K-12 teachers engineering content for K12 teachers to use in science and math classrooms. Engineering lessons connect real-world experiences with curricular content already taught in K-12 classrooms. Mapped to educational content standards, TeachEngineering's comprehensive curricula are hands-on, inexpensive, and relevant to children's daily lives.


Digital Kits for Education - download. All levels and curriculum areas.
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Bob's Place of Educational Links

Tools 4 Teachers

Technology Resources for Teachers

A site to assist teachers in their quest to regularly integrate technology into the curriculum

Teaching Today - How to Articles

Transforming Teaching Through Technology

Jordan School Teacher Resources

Stuff for Classroom Teachers

Enhanced Learning Resources

Information on Project Based Learning, Assessment, Collaborative Learning

Educator Resources

Resources and Best Practices

Nortel LearniT supports integrating technology into the teaching/learning process with a wide variety of resources and practical guidesheets and with best practice models/bodies of knowledge.

My Learning Resources for KS2

Mr Nicdao Resources for All

I have established this site to assist students in completing tasks and projects by providing websites that are beneficial for their learning and research. I have also included website resources for teachers to assist in planning for future lessons and to broaden their knowledge in computers by viewing the ICT link. This site can also be used by parents to find online resources that will increase their childs' learning and extend their abilities to achieve better results.

Let's Get Engaged

This series of seven “dates” will explore the many facets of engaging students in learning. Each session will focus on a particular theme that will be explored emphasizing the “marriage” between the best practices and student engagement.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators


An assortment of Internet activities - spreadsheets, databases, multimedia, search skills etc

Integrated Technology Lesson Plans

inspire, motivate, create...ENGAGE! Home

Educators today have a laundry list of concerns about their classrooms, especially how well their students are performing. In today's era of high stakes testing, teachers frequently ask how can I ensure my students are learning and achieving? How can I ensure that what they are learning will meet the demands of the future? Finally, how can I ensure that I provide an environment that is engaging enough to inspire, create and motivate students for success?


Free one stop educational resource

Free Tools for Teachers

Essential Web Resources

Comox Valley School District's eLibrary

Physical Education Resources

PE Central

Recipes 4 Success

Recipes4Success is your best resource for supporting project work with students. Recipes4Success includes software tutorials and reference guides, online tools, and a step-by-step process for implementing project-building with students.

100+ Resources for Teaching Without Textbooks

25 Tools every Learning Professional should have in their Toolbox - and all for FREE!

4Teachers Family of Tools

Expand your curriculum with our timesaving educational resources that use technology to improve instruction across all content areas and grade levels. Find current resources that align with standards, promote higher-order thinking, and support the development of writing skills. Monitor student research and writing, evaluate student performance, and create bilingual online lessons, classroom calendars, and quizzes in less time than traditional methods.

Digital School Collection Teacher Resources

Technology integration is a key mechanism for augmenting student learning while teaching students essential digital communication skills that will help them become lifelong learners in the digital age. The projects and assessment methods provided here are from the Teacher Resource DVD that currently ships with the Adobe Digital School Collection and the Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 7 and Adobe Premiere® Elements 7 bundle.

Classroom Power

TES Connect Resources

Educational Resources in Physical Education

ACER Australian Council Educational Research

Online Interactive ELearning Teaching Resource Library

Browse or search our resource library for games, quizzes, interactive animations and videos to use in your classroom today! Our e-learning resources are designed for use on a computer or interactive whiteboard. They can be used to assist the teaching and learning of a whole class, as a small group activity or for individual students as homework or revision exercises. You are welcome to make links to any of our e-learning resources from your schools website or intranet, and use them in the classroom to assist teaching and learning.

Primary School Resources for Teachers (Australia)

Teachers Family of Tools

Expand your curriculum with our timesaving educational resources that use technology to improve instruction across all content areas and grade levels. Find current resources that align with standards, promote higher-order thinking, and support the development of writing skills. Monitor student research and writing, evaluate student performance, and create bilingual online lessons, classroom calendars, and quizzes in less time than traditional methods.

Teachers First

Matrix of learning content - all curriculum areas and grades

Online Activities and Interactive Learning K-12

From Scholastic. Plenty of resources in all curriculum areas.

Virtual Media Center - Secondary Links

Virtual Media Centre - Teacher Links