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I sometimes find interesting non educational things when I'm online so I needed somewhere to share them with you.

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The Most Fun, Silly & Coolest Sites on the Web

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Switch Zoo

Make your own new animals at this photorealistic virtual zoo!
Switch Zoo Quest
Switch Zoo Quest
Don't miss Switch Zoo Quest
This quest takes you on a tour of Switch Zoo and challenges you with nine animal-related games and activities. Completing the quest will earn you the title Switch Zoo Guide.
Each guide will receive a printable Switch Zoo Guide Certificate of Merit, a Switch Zoo Guide badge, and the opportunity to add your first name to the List of Official Switch Zoo Guides.

You be the Driver

Do you have what it takes to be a BMW Sauber Formula 1 driver? You’re too late for the 2009 season, which starts this Sunday, but maybe next year? With You be the Driver, you’re taken through three tests to see if you have the necessary reactions. You probably will have! Don’t worry if you’re a terrible driver - your lack of skills won’t hamper you in these tests. Maybe you can be the next Robert Kubica or Nick Heidfeld?

Lego Digital Designer

DOWNLOAD. This is LEGO Digital Designer. The program that lets you build with LEGO bricks on your computer.
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String Spin Toy

Click anywhere, draw and spin - lots of fun. It creates an interesting graphic.
More here @ ze's page (interactive toys)


Type some text and then flip it! Pure fun.

Talking Pets

You can choose a pet picture, or upload your own. Then, using the text-to-speech feature, you can have it say a short message, then email the link for posting on a blog or website.

Polar Bear Game

If you go to National Grid Floe, and then click on “Befriend A Bear,” you’ll be prompted to register (it will take seconds) and you can begin interacting with a polar bear cub. You can play different games with it — but only after you answer questions related to living more environmentally responsible.


The World's Only Comedy Site!

external image zuglogo.gifPlanet Perplex

Optical illusions, hidden objects, impossible images, wordplay etc


Cubescape lets you use cubes to create artwork, which you can then save into a gallery. Demo Girl has a nice screencast giving details on how to use the site.
CubeSpace is a neat little web app that lets you create stylish 3D pixel art on a large canvas and then share it with others. You don’t need to be a genius to find your way around here, simply pick the color and start placing cubes on top of the canvas, you can delete misplaced blocks by blowing them up.
In case you’re not sure where to start and need some inspiration check out the most popular pixel art created by other CubeSpace users. It further lets you watch the video replay for each pixel art.
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You Wild

“MORPH” an animal into a human! Welcome to YouWild.org, where you can help save our vanishing wildlife. Watch yourself -- or a friend, family member or pet -- morph into an animal before your eyes. Then take action and share your morph to raise awareness about threats to our wildlife!

Optical Illusions

Several optical illusions can be found at this site http://www.sandeepkejriwal.com/illusions.htm
or http://www.exploratorium.edu/brain_explorer/double.html

Yearbook Yourself

Ever wondered what you'd look like in the past? Upload your photo and see yourself with classic hairdos through the decades!



Fun flash animations - pure fun, time wasters!

Happiness factory

From Coca Cola - looks to be a bit of fun!

Linerider – try it on the whiteboard – pure wet day fun!


Grammar Ninja someone’s independent study!


Genius Boxing – Pick a fight with Archimedes, Einstein, etc


Daily Mugshot

Daily Mugshot is a free service which helps you chronicle daily images of yourself and share them as an animated sequence. We have widgets which you can place on your profile or blog and they automatically update when you take new mugshots. Getting started is really easy, all you need is a webcam or digital camera!

The Mini-Mizer


Have you ever wondered what you would look like in plastic and miniaturized? This site allows you to build up a picture of yourself as you would appear if you were three inches tall and made of the rubber stuff! You could even make little versions of your whole family.


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The block on the left gives you a choice of shapes and colors which you drag in to the circle. A blue pie shape sweeps past the objects you have placed on to the circle. The block on the right then shows you the kaleidoscope effect that this sweep produces.

Mr. Picasso Head

Have you ever wanted to paint like Pablo Picasso? Here you get the opportunity, with a huge variety of permutations and combinations that can come together to give you your very own take on the great man’s style. Once you are done you can save the Picasso style drawing that you have created.


My Mini City
Build your own city. No need to sign up, nothing to download! Follow its evolution from your web browser.

Have fun with speech bubbles.
Face in Hole
You'll find a number of photographs mostly of celebrities. They all have one thing in common. The people have a hole where their face should be. You can fill this hole with a picture of your face! Tools will help you rotate and resize your photo so it looks perfect.
Juke Pix
Easily put someone else's face onto someone else's body. No educational value but a lot of fun.

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Paper Critters

Online paper toy creator

Off Task! Websites and WebTools

Everyone needs a chuckle now and then …


Welcome to the singing telegram machine


Brain Teasers, Riddles, Trivia, Brain Exercises, Games, Forums and more...
With over 17,000 brain teasers, riddles, logic problems, quizzes and mind puzzles submitted and ranked by users like you, Braingle has the largest collection anywhere on the internet. Our large array of unique online multiplayer games will keep you entertained for hours, and if you want to improve your brain, check out the Mentalrobics section. If you crave a brain teaser, mind puzzle, riddle or game, we are the place to get it. Increase your creativity, boost learning and become a better person at Braingle. Get ready to have your brain tangled!

Largest Collection of Optical Illusions

Brain Explorer

Optical Illusions

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Play and create with dominoes!