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What are the commercial games that can be used in an educational context?
How are these games used?
Can we or our students design literacy and numeracy games that can be plyed on these platforms? What do they look like?

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Myst – The Interactive Story

Plus other links and ideas for using Myst in the classoom.

Getting video games on the school agenda

For anyone who showed an interest in using video games for educational learning, there seems to be a plethora of information around about libraries, schools and gaming. You may have to refer to one or more of these sites to get gaming on your school agenda. Here is a selection of those sites.

6 Important Real World Skills You Learned From Videogames

The Librarian's Guide to Gaming

An Online Toolkit for Building Gaming
Board games, card games, and videogames are, in essence, information, and the human act of telling stories, presented in new formats that involve the player. Games may fulfill a library’s mission to provide cultural, recreational, and entertaining materials; to provide adacemic curriculum support; or to provide resources and support their industry or profession.
This toolkit, compiled with resources, tips, and best practices from expert librarians who deliver exemplary gaming services, is a jumping off point for all types of libraries, serving members of all ages.

Social Impact Games

The content of this site is by Mark Prensky, an advocate of the use of gaming in education.
The site's purpose is to unite projects, information, and people in a single place and to be a catalyst for ideas and innovation in spreading the wider uses of games as a language for more than just entertainment.
"All the content on this site (except comments) is available without logging in. We have now identified over 500 serious games, which we are in the process of adding to this list." Over 200 games listed.

Thinking out of the (x)Box: Gaming to expand horizons in creative writing

A blog post by Ewan McIntosh supporting the us eof games (Myst, Samorost etc) in the class room.
"Most people's perceptions of games and gaming have more to do with the arcade or shoot-em-ups that they experienced when they were teens. How wrong (happily) could they be."

What Kids Learn That's Positive From Playing Video Games

A pdf file by Mark Prensky

The Life Skills That Computer Games Teach

An Ezine article.
"What is a problem? What is an error? For many people problems and errors are obstacles which are in their way and which prevent them from being able to complete certain task. Those people who play computer gamers however tend to look at problems and errors not so much as obstacles as opportunities."

Beginning Gamers Teacher's Toolkit

Why use video game design in the classroom?
Before you start a game design course or use game design as a unit within another course you may want to familarize yourself with the issues surrounding video games.
Lots of resources here for game creation, software, design etc

Emerging from the Myst: Being inspired and making a start

From Tom Barrett, ICT in my Classroom blog.
"This post is about using the adventure game Myst in a literacy unit with my Year 5s."

ICT in Education - Myst

Ideas for using Myst in the classroom

Myst 3 Exile Game Guide

Bringing computer games into the classroom

Games for Educators

Games Based Learning in Secondary Schools

A blog post by Ollie Bray