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Philosophy and You Tube

FROM TIME TO TIME, I'll choose a clip from YouTube, embed it in this page and suggest ideas for philosophical enquiry around it.

P4C with Picture Books

A comprehensive guide to using picture books to begin philosophy for children
For each story, there is a page that briefly introduces the philosophical issues raised by the story and another page that has the questions that you might want to ask the children.

P4C New Zealand

P4C website for teachers in New Zealand

Cartoon Web

Download up-to-date cartoons. Great resource for enquiry in Secondary

Etymology Online

Find out the original meanings of words such as education (to lead out) and discussion (to smash to bits!)

Teaching Thinking Magazine

Excellent periodical featuring articles on teaching thinking and creativity

Mrs Sunda's Gifted Resources

Gifted Students, Thinking Skills and ICT

Lots of useful links here

Gifted Resources

British Columbia MOE Gifted Resources

The OOPS Resources for Gifted Students & Their Teachers

Quotations for Creative Thinking