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Media storm

is a media production company that produces brilliant videos. The videos tell a story, often the story is not nice or comfortable but it is always worth watching. I have posted about them before and its time for another update.
The latest two to catch my eye are ones they have produced for various clients.
1. Surviving the Tsunami
This is a fascinating and captivating. Using excellent graphics and clear audio it describes the process, casulaties, timelines, pledged aid. There are video interviews with survivors. OUTSTANDING.
2. On thinner Ice
this is a video looking at the melting of the 18,000 glaciers in the Himalayas. This is an interesting video raising & posing questions. The now and then comparision images are great, and the resources provide useful links.

Global Warming

Watch CBS News Videos Online

CBS Sunday Morning had a short segment about global warming. The segment presented two cases of global warming's effects on people in two very different parts of the world. The segment begins in the Maldives where rising ocean levels threaten the islands. The segment then transitions to Greenland where shrinking glaciers are threatening native ways of life.
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