Allen & Unwin Teaching Resources
Find links to teaching ideas and literacy notes on books -

Essay Writing
Learn how to write essays -

Book adventure
Children can read books, make quizzes etc, choose books re levels -

Choose characteristics then write about person -

Fact and opinion
Assign fact or opinion to statements -,index

Grammar activities Gr3 up -

International Digital Children's Library
Provides free access to children's books from around the world -

Text twister
Chn make as many words as possible from given letters – Grades 3 up -

Visual Thesaurus
Wonderful tool to model to students then they can begin to create their own word web thesaurus -

Words instead of said
Middle upper, punctuation too -

Writers workshop
Story building ideas -

Writing fix
On line prompts for writing ideas -

Writing Prompts
A long list of writing prompts to support students with writing - can use these as prompts with IWB -