All National Anthems

is a map, built on Yahoo Maps, that makes it easy to find the national anthem of almost every country in the world. Along with each country's national anthem, users will find some basic almanac-style information. Each national anthem is played via a Youtube video.

Studies of Asia wiki

is a fantastic resource for every primary or secondary school. Although specifically developed for Victorian schools and the Victorian Essential Learning Standards, the resources available are accessible by anyone, anywhere. The wiki states that it aims ‘to create ‘asia-literate’ students, teachers and schools with skills, knowledge and understandings of Asia to equip them to live in today’s world and the world of their future.’
Monthly newsletters inform readers of professional development and other opportunities as well as classroom resources and study tours.
There are also links to classroom resources that include virtual tours of China, as well as teacher resources that demonstrate how Asian studies can be integrated into The Arts and English.

produces and hosts high-quality documentary films and photographs. The films and images focus on exploring the world and the work of non-profit organizations around the world. The films and images are organized by destination. There are twelve destinations in all including China, Tibet, the Middle East, and India.

Onion Map

Onion Map , An online interactive 3D tourist guide map that allow you previews popular cities attraction and tour guide information. Tourists will also find these online 3D tourist guide maps very useful since all the major city attractions, hotels & restaurants, shopping joints, etc. are very clearly marked. Beside that, Online Map has gather a huge collection 3D map tourist map like Amsterdam, New York, Beijing, San Fransisco, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Las Vegas, London, Madrid and others to preview.
external image onion-map-online-3d-tourist-guide-map-singapore.jpg
The Onion Map is definitely a great tourist guide services if you are somewhere new and don’t know what to explore first as it provides a three dimensional
symbols to show landmarks which is easily spot out. Plus more, You can zoom in and out; check out restaurant, shops, and hotel locations; plus find out random facts about a city, such as population, the phone code, the currency, and how much a Big Mac will set you back.

Antarctica - NASA Archive

All National Anthems

On this website we try to collect the world's national anthems.


Facts, travel videos, flags, photos ...


The Forbidden City

Welcome to The Forbidden City: Beyond Space and Time. This website provides you with access to an immersive 3-dimensional virtual world where you can celebrate and explore aspects of Chinese culture and history.

Places of a Lifetime

The world's greatest destination

South Pole Quest

Time Space - World

TimeSpace is an interactive map that allows you to navigate articles, photos, video and commentary from around the globe. Discover news hot-spots where coverage is clustered. Use the timeline to illustrate peaks in coverage, and customize your news searches to a particular day or specific hour.