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Formative and Summative Assessments in the Classroom

Assessment Strategies

Assessment Resource from Victoria, Australia

Assessment for Learning

An Australian site

Professional learning
These professional learning modules show how the assessment for learning strategies play a crucial role in improving student learning and achievement.
All modules contain a mixture of information and strategies, and can be easily adapted for use in a workshop. They may also help schools meet their professional learning obligations.

State Assessments USA

The New Jersey Department of Education's (NJDOE's) commitment to ensure a better alignment between the State's standards and the corresponding assessments is evident in the "Standards Clarification Project" and new state assessments. For example, the newly developed Areas of Focus, which the NJDOE refers to as "A Bridge between Content Standards and Assessments," which is evident in information related to each hyperlinked state assessment below.

Assessment for Learning plus here wiki here

Anne Davies blog


Everyday Mathematics provides a variety of tools and suggestions for assessment. Two assessment measures that the ITEM program can enhance with technology are portfolios and rubrics.

Reflection for Learning

This website has been developed by Helen Barrett and Jonathon Richter of the University of Oregon's Center for Advanced Technology in Education, to support reflection for learning in education, from early childhood through higher education and into the professions.

Report Criteria

Create your own checklist / criteria from pull down menus

Rubrics to Evaluate Classroom Blogging

Student Led Conferences Info

From Middleweb

Intel Education - Assessing Projects

Excellent Rubric Sites

Rubrics for Assessment

Kathy Schrock's Rubrics

Rubric Makers


Aifl - Assessment is for Learning

from Learning and Teaching Scotland. Useful information, readings and pdfs about assessment for, as, and of learning.

Promoting Assessment by Pupils

How to help pupils take greater responsibility for their own learning

Assessment Rubrics

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

Authentic Assessment Toolbox

Lots of useful examples and links here

Digital Assessment and Reporting

Rich Assessment Tasks

Grades 1 to 8


The Rich Tasks

From Queensland, Australia

Alternative Performance-Based Assessment

Middle School Language Arts and Math Assessment Titles

AifL Assessment is for Learning (Scotland)

Balanced Assessment in Mathematics

Middle School Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment Bank (Queensland)

Assessment Middle School

4 Teachers Professional Development Assessment

Assessment Literacy Project

The KSDE Assessment Literacy Project includes 21 different modules designed to enhance the assessment literacy of educators in an online, interactive format that can be used individually or in groups. Module topics range from AYP and Assessments to Validity.

Module 14: Performance Assessments

Module 15: Portfolio Assessment