Art:21 Student Art Projects

Inspired by the artwork, ideas and artists featured in the series, many educators have created innovative projects that allow students to explore contemporary art in classrooms, after-school programs, and community-based organizations.

Explore the Greatest Paintings of the World

Geocoded Art
Geo Coded Art is a collection of landscape, seascape, and cityscape paintings. The collection can be browsed by artist, by painting title, or by location. No matter how you browse, once you've found a painting, click on it to view it on a Google Map or Bing Map. Once you're on the map you can browse for other paintings created in the same region.

The Incredible Art Department

There are literally thousands of art-related links in this section. See artists from around the world, visit international galleries, see student art work, blogs, art videos, and much more!
The Art Teacher Toolbox is a resource for new teachers. You can read about discipline strategies, special education, NCLB, best practices, school law, view contests, and create rubrics.


is a free drawing program available for Mac and Windows computers. Livebrush offers a wide array of drawing tools for creating beautiful shapes, drawings, and designs. The built-in tools allow users to create a simple sketches with just one or two strokes of the paintbrush. Users can combine as many brush strokes as they like in their drawings. For example, the flower shape in my sketch below was made with just one brush stroke.external image Picture+13.png

Art, Art, Art

Lots of interesting links to a variety of visual arts.

National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art has created seven interactive art activities for students in elementary school through high school. Using these activities students can explore elements of digital photograph editing, elements of color, and experiment with different styles of painting. Three of the featured activities are Brushster, Dutch Doll House, and Collage Machines. In Brushster, students mix and match colors to create abstract art. The Dutch Doll House is an interactive exhibit in which students explore the 17th century home and studio of a Dutch artist. The Collage Machines, of which there are two, give students a platform for creating collages of art sample

Art Lesson Plans


Online painting tool

Jim Woodring Art

external image bumper4.jpg external image jim_woodring_art.jpg

The Woodring Monitor

Jim Woodring's Blog

Rene Magritte Art

Digital Learning NZ Art Ideas

Art Education 2.0

Art Education 2.0 is for those interested in the use of new technology to enhance and transform art education. The aim of Art Education 2.0 is to explore ways of using Web 2.0 and other digital technologies to promote effective art education practices, encourage cultural exchanges and joint creative work, and support artistic projects, curricular activities, and professional development opportunities deemed important by our members.

ArtLex Art Dictionary

You'll find definitions for more than 3,600 terms used in discussing art / visual culture, along with thousands of supporting images, pronunciation notes, great quotations and cross-references.

Art Projects for Kids

A blog with a range of art ideas for a range of grades

Flash Paint

is an online art application. What makes Flash Paint stand-out is that there is a place for the “painter” to write about their creation and you then can save the painting and the writing to the gallery. You’re given a url for both that can be posted on an online journal or blog.



Creative Art

Free presentations in PowerPoint format for kids and teachers

external image banner_arts.gif

Art Wiki


Search Paintings Around the World is a great example of combining art and technology. Paint Map is part search engine, part artwork sharing, and part Google Map. The way Paint Map works is artists submit images of their paintings, write a description of the where the painting was made, and then plot that location on a Google Map. Paint Map offers a commenting system through which visitors and artists can interact. There is a search bar on Paint Map's homepage that visitors can use to search through the nearly 500 paintings on Paint Map.
Paint Map could be a useful tool for art teachers and art students. Paint Map provides students with a global context of the paintings they view. Students can explore Paint Map to see what artists around the world are creating and the possible geographic influences of those artists. Paint Map can also give students a chance to share work their work with a global audience.

Perspective Drawing

Shape Faces

external image shapefaces.jpg

This activity introduces the form of art known as "cubism" to the class. It firstly shows how artists can use shapes to make abstract portraits or "funny faces". Pupils look at a picture of a face painted in the cubist style and discuss shapes used, position of facial features and colours chosen. They then have an opportunity to make their own cubist face by following the on-screen instructions which add abstract facial features one at a time to their portrait. Pupils then have the opportunity of choosing a colour scheme for their picture and are able to print it.

Art Links

Wide variety of art sites here under various headings. Worth a look.


Try your hand at painting in the modernist style
Surreal Painter is another online art tool that allows you to make all sorts of design decisions in creating your own surreal art.
external image surrealism.jpg

Mondrian Machine

" It is so cool to see students firstly mock Mondrian’s works but when you challenge them to emulate the works they find it much harder than they had initially imagined. At this point I throw in the line, ‘ Surely there is a beauty in the way the paint is applied to the canvas. How do you think he got it so ‘flat’ looking? ‘." The Teachers' Toolbox
external image mondrian.jpg

Art Attack

On this page you'll find fact sheets for all the Art Attacks featured in over the last few series. We're adding fact sheets for each Art Attack in the new series every week, too.

Art Education 2.0

Art Education 2.0 is for art educators at all levels who are interested in using digital technologies to enhance and transform art teaching and learning. The aim of Art Education 2.0 is to explore ways of using technology to promote effective art education practices, encourage cultural exchanges and joint creative work, and support artistic projects, curricular activities, and professional development opportunities deemed important by our members.

Collage Machine

There is also a link to Collage Machine 2. Both from National Gallery of Art (NGAKids)

Art Education for K12


Also from NGAKids.
BRUSHster is an online painting machine for all ages. This shockwave interactive includes more than forty brushes and customizable size, transparency, texture, and stroke options. A rainbow palette, along with a toolbox of special effects that blur, ripple, smudge, blend, and fragment your designs help make BRUSHster a full-feature painting program.BRUSHster has a mind of its own! Click one of the green AUTO buttons and let the computer generate some paintings for you. When you want to regain control, just click the red STOP button or start drawing.

Art Lesson Plans

Lots of ideas here - from fine arts to craft activities.We are always on the lookout for new lesson ideas. Here are some fresh projects for 2008! Click on any of the images below to view the entire lesson plan in PDF format.

High School Lesson Plans

Yellowstone Art Museum

Interactive Art Websites
Learn how to silkscreen like Andy Warhol
Create your own self-portrait, Picasso style
Graffiti art making
Museum of Modern Art's interactive site
Everyone's classic favorite...etch-a-sketch

Incredible Art Lessons

National Gallery of Art NGAkids Art Zone

Interactive art you can make online

Artsonia Kids Art Museum

The world's largest kids art museum with a teachers page

The Art of the Cat

The art in these public domain books is free for download, use, or re-use in anyway you like. To illustrate this bounty, we present a selection of books featuring cats. From the Internet Aechive.
external image elegycat_php.gif

Art in Motion

Aimed at Secondary schools, this site looks at artworks both in the collection and others, exploring the theme of capturing movement through art.

BBC Arts Impressionism

View our gallery of some of the most popular paintings from the Impressionist era.

BBC Art Index


Jen Stark - Paper Sculpture

Katinka Matson

Lots of amazing art based on flowers

external image rededge-2.jpg

Art and learning to Think & Feel

Pop Art is Alive

This post presents 75 outstanding examples of classic and modern pop art.

Art Museum Kiosk

Understanding Composition - This application is designed to help you identify the use of symmetry and balance in a two-dimensional painting.

9 pictures of the Mona Lisa in different famous art styles

Art Rage 2.5

This is the new, free, online version of the educational software, Canvastic, we call it CANVASTIC DOT NET. Students will be able to draw, paint, create, write and publish pages without installing any software.

Color me crazy - 10 best online color tools

National Gallery of Art The Art Zone
interactive art that you can make online
interactive art that you can make online

Collage Machine MobilePixelFace3-D TwirlerCubitsDiamondsDutch House Photo OpPaintBoxWalloversRiverRunSwatchBoxFlowJungleBRUSHsterStill LifeNGAkids Home

Flash Paint

Online Painting Tool

Perspective Drawing

Queensland Art Gallery

Online Interactives for Kids

Art Snacks

A Ning for displaying kids art online. You need to join Ning to be able to sign in to view works

The Teaching Palette

The Teaching Palette is a blog authored by art educators for art educators. Our goal is to provide a collaborative and resourceful forum where art specialists of all levels can explore professional topics that impact our subject area - from classroom management to tools and techniques to integrating music.

Wetpaint Please Touch

Create Your Own Masterpiece!

Picasso Videos on You Tube

Wonderful Art 2.0 Sites


Myoats is a community where people create designs using an online drawing application. These designs can be rated, downloaded, and archived. The Most Liked designs are rewarded by being featured on the home page.



Art museum at the University of Chicago

Art & Learning to Think and Feel

questions, ideas, innovation, and inspiration for art teachers and parents

Incredible Art Lessons

Jnr High / Middle School lessons here. Tons of ideas heer!